Lake Stories

Our Edmonton Lake Home has a panoramic view of racing Lake Wabamun sailors every Wednesday during the summer with the sounds of motorboats, seadoos and laughter rising up off of the lake. One perfect summer day, with the grandkids over, I rediscovered the styrofoam airplane gliders purchased and hid away in the garage the previous fall. The time for creating a memorable moment was at hand.

We spread the parts out on the deck and did our best to carefully align the decals on the body and wings of the glider. Anticipation built as pieces came together and test flights began. We made the major discovery that the glider would loop de loop when the tail piece was turned over and it was game on with how many loops our glider could make.

Success was not immediate. We learned how much force resulted in optimum flight. Prevailing winds taught us lessons and had me risking life and limb going over the edge of the hill to retrieve the plane. And then it happened! Preparation met with opportunity. One (cool), two (Nice), three (UNBELIEVABLE!) then four (fists clenched, jaw dropped, GOBSMACKED) continuous loops! Has to be a world record! And just to prove it we have it on video.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.